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What's new?

Hello everyone!  It's that time of year again...time to go nuts!
Thank you to everyone who came out on Sunday!  The weather was beautiful once again.

We will be open again this Sunday, October 2nd from 11-4.
Make sure to come earlier in the day before we sell out of our quality pies, eggs, and nuts!

Our nut shack is now open and we have set up picnic tables for you to enjoy.

New this year, our children are running the stand and are bringing some new idea, they have fresh homemade apple pies, for sale by the slice, made with our chemical free apples.

We will have u-pick hazelnuts and walnuts as well as a limited quantity of picked nuts, quail eggs, and apple pie.

Our farm is 100% chemical and spray free. Everything is naturally grown.

We were lucky with the weather this past weekend, thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the sunshine!
Check out our pictures from Sept 24th, 2016.
These goats always wanted to be included in the fun
Playing with quail!
Making new friends!
Proud of her picking success!
Happy Pickers!
Come enjoy our fresh apple pie, coffee, and tea!
Our new nut shack!
Fun for the whole family!
Enjoying our apple pie after a hard days picking!
Between work and school the boys made some picnic tables from trees they cut down on the farm.  If you ask them I'm sure they will be happy to tell you how they went about it....