A and J Farms

Hazelnuts, Walnuts
Sheep, Lamb
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Come Meet Our Farmyard Friends!
Bucket o Chicks
Our resident Peacock showing off his feathers
Sneaking through the hole in the fence!
Our momma turkey hadn't been able to hatch her own eggs but manag
Mom and her babies relaxing
October 23, 2010 we received a late season surprise.
Hen chicks, they will start laying in no time!
March 21, 2013, Spring is in the air! The turkeys are in love aga
Our turkey
Our treed momma hen making sure her chicks are safe for the night
Peahen out for a stroll
And Check out our Produce!
Fresh and clean nuts, ready to be picked up!
Who else loves zucchini!?
Freh eggs anyone?
fresh hazelnuts!
Our walnuts!
Squash anyone?
Woah! 102 pounds!
Free range chicken and quail eggs!
Come Join in on all the U-Pick Fun!
Hope to see you next Fall!

September 11, 2016 First day of open season this year. Great haze
Sept 2016, good year for our nut crop and all the pickers we enjo
Our orchard
happy pickers!
Fun for the whole family!
Enjoying some pie!
Playing with quail
New Friends?
Playtime with the goats!